Grace strives to provide world class education in core academic areas


Establishing a strong foundation for higher education, our elementary program emphasizes the core subjects of reading, math, bible, science and social studies. Developing self confidence and independence is strived for through a supportive teaching atmosphere. Fostering a love for learning, children are introduced to a wide variety of enrichments such as a computer class, foreign language, fine arts, library, physical education and STEM programs.

Middle School

An environment created to nurture curiosity and develop the fundamental skills needed for learning is life in middle school. Sixth through eighth graders will continue to take part in the core subjects but will be taught how to reason through their questions. Creative writing, logical debate and critical thinking are all developed in a nurturing and safe environment. At Grace, middle school is a time for a positive transition from early to upper-level education, progressively empowering our students to become stewards of their own growth.

High School

At Grace, the final 4 years are balanced between a rigorous academic program and the freedom to discover and pursue, in depth, areas of special interests. Through the balance of academics, worship, missions, athletics, clubs and fine arts students are challenged daily to reflect a growing intellectual maturity while discerning how to answer God’s call on their life. Whether it is college, a trade, the military, the mission field or ministry, their time at Grace is the foundational piece setting the stage for that calling.

Global and Community Impact

Impact the world through the teachings of Christ. Students at Grace are taught that we all are precious in His sight. Learning about different cultures and becoming a servant to the less fortunate is vital to spiritual maturity and at Grace students are given the opportunity to appreciate and support those whose lives are less fortunate than theirs. Through community engagement, service projects and mission trips our students at all ages are experiencing the beauty of diversity and the joy of loving like Jesus.


While students work on mastery of core classes, they also have opportunities to expand and enrich their creative learning through technology courses. Students at any grade level will continue to develop skills in 4 strands: (1) keyboarding, (2) computer terminology, (3) computer skills, (4) computer applications/software. Students are taught how to use technology to glorify God, by conducting themselves in a way that is reponsible and appropriate. Through each student’s individual talents, students will be taught to listen to instruction, to discover, develop, and express God-given talents with integrity, and to interact socially and appropriately with others while expressing their individual creativity.

Learning Support Program

The Learning Support Program is committed to educating every student at their current level of performance and working toward moving them to mastery of these skills. Students can address areas of academic need while discovering how God has wired them to problem solve, think critically and creatively, make decisions, and work collaboratively. The academic years are a training ground for students to discover and grow their God given talents and abilities. The measure of success is not the grade at the end of the year but the level of growth experienced in both their academic and spiritual life.

The Learning Support Program is based on individualized programming for each student we serve. We consider any previous testing, diagnosis, 504 or Individual Education Plans that are already in place. Review of these materials, along with supplemental testing, reveals the zone of proximal development from which we begin to plan the programming for each individual student. We utilize the same goals and objectives as our K-12 programs but modify the information and accommodate the needs of the student to meet them at their current level of performance.
Through the use of intentional, reciprocal, and scaffolding methodology we are able to work towards grade level goals and objectives. Teaching styles are multisensory and use the modalities of vision, hearing, and kinesthetic to enhance and achieve learning success. All students in a K5-5 th grade are served in a pull out setting with 1:1 or small group instruction. Students in 6 th – 12 th grade receive services, in their area of need, in a separate smaller class setting (i.e. math, English).


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Choosing a Christ-centered commitment that partners with your family and their future through education is not something to take lightly. Here at Grace, our Admissions Department creates a smooth and personal process that helps our parents be as informed as possible. Explore our website; then schedule a tour to visit Grace. We are eager to get to know you as well as to share the amazing qualities of our campus, staff and academic programs. We strongly believe that we are a ministry, not a commodity and creating a connection between your child’s educational needs and our core values: love, lead, teach, train and send is what makes our school an investment into your child’s future.

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