Elementary School at GCS

The GCS Elementary Program is designed to establish a strong foundation for higher education, emphasizing reading, math, Bible, science and social studies. Students are introduced to a wide variety of enrichments including foreign language, fine arts, physical education, STEM programs, and computer integration. GCS Elementary students develop self confidence, independence and Christlike character through a supportive teaching atmosphere.

The GCS Elementary education program builds a strong academic foundation so students can be successful in their upper education and excel in their specific areas of interest. 

Elementary students’ daily schedule includes instruction in core content areas of Bible, Social Studies, Science, Math, Reading and Language Arts.

GCS students learn and practice Spanish during their early elementary years, with opportunities for advancing their foreign language skills in the upper grades.

Elementary Expected Student Outcomes

  • Has been challenged to accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and commit to following Him.
  • Develops a biblical worldview, and learns to apply it in all areas of life.
  • Academically prepared and pursues excellence in all areas (reading, writing, listening, speaking, science, math, social studies, languages, Bible, technology and the arts).
  • Learn the importance of integrity as demonstrated by righteous living and stewardship.
  • Recognizes and respects that every individual is created in God’s image.
  • Develops physical strength and stamina as well as strength of character.

Explore Elementary Course Curriculum

elementary teacher helping student

Today’s GCS education has a technological advantage unlike any other.

Technology-rich classrooms provide a flexible and enhanced learning experience thanks to wifi, projectors and interactive whiteboard devices. Students in third through fifth grade are provided Chromebooks for use in the classroom and off campus. Kindergarten through first grade students use Touchscreen Chromebooks to engage applications that bolster their reading, spelling, and math skills.

Learn more about Classroom Technology and our STEM Program

Elementary students can have hands-on fun working with robots and other STEM focused activities during our after-school Enrichment Program and summer camps. Students utilize technology and other resources to learn the beginning basics of coding, engineering and physics. 

Elementary students have art, music and choir every semester. The GCS Fine Arts program provides students opportunities to develop skills, express themselves, learn God’s word, and honor and praise the Lord creatively. 

Each semester, Grace hosts Elementary student performances as well as art showcases. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Explore Elementary Fine Arts Curriculum

Our teachers coach, and our coaches teach. We know your child’s strengths, abilities, and character, both in the classroom and on our playing fields.

This allows us to deliver a cohesive and nurturing athletic experience for our students to explore their interests, from kindergarten through fifth grade, and to ensure that our program remains rooted in positive character development and school values.

The aim of the elementary Physical Education program is to enable all students to recognize and accept themselves as unique persons created by God with physical, mental, emotional, and social capabilities and limitations. This is accomplished through structured play and intentional activity like PE classes, after school sports camps and enrichment activities. It is also accomplished through unstructured play during recess or informal classroom activities.

GCS elementary students have numerous opportunities to develop skills in a variety of athletics in our after-school Enrichment Program and summer camps. Programs include ballet, baseball, basketball, cheer, gymnastics, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball.

— The Spiritual Formation of GCS Elementary Students —

Spiritual formation at Grace Christian School is not just Bible class; rather, it is an integral element in all we do. Academics, the arts, athletics, technology, and even lunch all play a role in our students’ spiritual formation as they are trained to approach all aspects of life with a Christian worldview.

Our primary focus is the spiritual formation of our students. Integrated throughout each classroom lesson and activity, every student-teacher relationship, and all extracurricular activities is a desire for students to understand the depth of Jesus’ love for them. We walk through each student’s journey to help their knowledge become their heart’s desire through a real relationship with their Savior.

GCS elementary students develop a Biblically-based understanding of who God is; the purposes of God creating man; man’s relationship with God; the atoning work of Jesus Christ; the presence and work of the Holy Spirit; and the purpose of living a life seeking to glorify God through participating in His active work on earth. This is accomplished through:  

  • Christ-centered educators who desire that their students be equipped with “every good work.”
  • Engaging weekly chapel programs, helping students to focus their hearts and minds on Christ.
  • Embedding God’s Word in the hearts of students through scripture memorization.
  • Approaching Bible instruction as an academic class.
  • Discipleship between teachers and students that, with God’s help, will lead to the student walking humbly with our God.
  • Service opportunities, locally and beyond, providing students the opportunity to put their faith into practice by serving others.

Students who need help being academically successful in the classroom will find the support they need through our Learning Support Program (LSP).

LSP is a multi-tiered level model that provides support tailored to the student’s God-given skill sets or learning styles. These elementary-level programs are supplemental in nature and support learning of grade-level standards upheld in the general classroom. Students can address areas of academic need while discovering how God has wired them to problem solve, think critically and creatively, make decisions, and work collaboratively. Elementary Math and Literacy programs are designed to target the student’s current level of performance and needs. Literacy support addresses phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The elementary program at Grace Christian School strives to foster our students’ social and emotional development. Our purpose is to socially prepare our students for lifelong fellowship in the body of Christ. Teachers, coaches, guidance and administration educate children to respect themselves and others, to understand both the distinctions and similarities God has given us, and to cherish others as God’s gift.

School Counseling & Guidance

Our goal is to improve student success by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program beginning as early as the elementary years. Your student’s success is our top priority and we work to collaborate with your family, community, teachers, and administrators. Our guidance counselor advocates for students while acting as a systems-change agent when needed. Learn more about our Guidance Services.

GCS students and families often quickly find the GCS campus to be a second home-away-from-home. Our safe and secure facilities include our worship center, the Grace Café, Torgerson Gym, playground, soccer field, and outdoor gathering areas. One of our most recent expansions includes a nine classroom elementary building. Learn more about our facilities and campus security.

Grace Christian School is a community where learning stimulates intellectual and spiritual growth, growth precipitates change, and change empowers students to transform their world. At the elementary level students will learn to put others first. Teachers accomplish this through instruction, modeling and providing opportunities for practice including reading with younger students and participating in programs like Operation Christmas Child through Samaritan’s Purse.

Transportation service is available to and from school for our families in the Moore and Harnett County areas. Learn more about Busing Services.

Extended Care is available before school starting at 6:30am, and after school through 6:30pm.

Enrichment Camps are offered at various times each semester after school. A variety of enrichment and traditional summer camps are also offered.

Breakfast, snack and lunch are offered through our Grace Café. Elementary food is pre-ordered and all items are billed to the student’s FACTS account.

In order for our students to thrive, we know they need a healthy, balanced diet. We take great pride in the role we play to help provide that nutrition for your student. Learn all about the Grace Café and menu options.

GCS Elementary Faculty