Middle School at GCS

The GCS Middle School Program provides a supportive launch platform for the rigorous academic, athletic and extracurricular opportunities of upper education. Through a balance of direct instruction, guided practice and personal exploration, students are challenged to become stewards of their own growth. While building a strong foundation in english, math, bible, science and history, they also gain fundamental skills and can explore their interests across a variety of subjects through our extensive Elective Program. At Grace, middle school students will find the guiding support needed to make these pivotal years the best yet.

GCS Middle School students are challenged for growth and guided for success.

In preparation for demands of high school academics, creative writing, logical debate and critical thinking are all developed in a nurturing and safe environment. Honors courses are offered for 7th grade Pre-Algebra and 8th grade Algebra and English.

In addition to core academics, Wheel Courses are assigned each quarter to ensure students are exposed to a variety of subjects while learning fundamental skills. Students also explore their specific interests with quarterly elective classes of their choice.

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Middle School Expected Student Outcomes

  • Understands and commits to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and pursues ongoing spiritual development.
  • Has a core knowledge of the Bible to interpret events and information.
  • Develops a knowledge and understanding of other religions to be prepared to give an answer for their belief.
  • Is academically prepared in language arts, writing, listening, speaking, science, math, social studies, languages, Bible, technology, the arts, and is challenged to use their God given gifts. 
  • Develops moral integrity by righteous living and stewardship in a fallen world.
  • Recognizes and respects that every individual is created in God’s image, demonstrated in their relationship with others.

Today’s education has a technological advantage unlike before.

Technology-rich classrooms provide a flexible and enhanced learning experience thanks to wifi, projectors and interactive whiteboard devices. Each middle school student is provided a Chromebook for use in the classroom and off campus. Learn more about Classroom Technology.

Students are exposed to a variety of technology and trade topics through quarterly Wheel Courses such as Essential Technology, Internet Aware, Creative Technology, Shop, Introduction to Robotics, and Career  Readiness. 

Students also have a quarterly Elective Course of their choosing, with technology and trade options such as Intro to Electronics, Principles of Flight, Skateboard Science, and STEM.

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GCS Middle School students gain many freedoms of expression through our Fine Arts program. From visual art electives to performance in Theatre or Praise Team, students can start to find their niche and develop their creative talents.

All students will take Creative Technology through our Wheel Program; and then also can choose from a variety of elective courses such as Acting, Art, Creative Writing and Intro to Theatre.

Each semester, Grace hosts student performances as well as art showcases. Check our calendar for upcoming events.

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Middle school offers a unique opportunity for students as they transition from recess play to fitness as a healthy life choice, for both physical and mental benefits.

All 6th grade students take a full year of Health & Physical Education. 7th and 8th grade students gain fundamental skills for physical health and safety in Wheel Courses, and have a variety of physically active options to choose from in their electives, including baseball, basketball, football, Fun Interval Training, PE, and Soccer.

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— The Spiritual Formation of GCS Middle Schoolers —

Spiritual formation at Grace Christian School is not just Bible class; rather, it is an integral element in all we do. Academics, the arts, athletics, technology, and even lunch all play a role in our students’ spiritual formation as they are trained to approach all aspects of life with a Christian worldview.

Our weekly Middle School chapel services enhance each student’s walk with the LORD through teaching, prayer, small groups, and worship. GCS teachers, administrators and local Christian leaders are invited to share from God’s Word in these important times of worship. Students are involved in leading worship, including through our Student Worship Team.

Our GCS faculty participate in professional development programing to increase their effectiveness of making disciples of Jesus in the classroom and during daily life with students.

Throughout each academic year, students are encouraged to “put their faith into action” through various service and mission projects that impact the greater Sanford area, our state, nation, and world. These service opportunities are designed to prepare students for national and international mission trips that are taken by our upper school students each year.

  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • Food Drive for Christian Outreach Center in Sanford
  • Collecting supplies for Veterans
  • Collecting school supplies for local schools in Lee County


The GCS Middle School bible curriculum is designed to help students gain wisdom to make decisions and life choices that are honorable to God and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus.

Sixth grade students journey through an Old Testament Survey course. In 7th grade, students are equipped with tools to build spiritual maturity, including basic approaches to salvation, prayer, and Bible study, as they learn to live out their love for God and share Him with others. Eighth grade students are challenged to get to know Jesus in a personal and life-changing way.

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Athletic Program

GCS is proud to offer a number of Middle School Athletic teams, available to students grades 5 through 8. Athletics give us an opportunity to not only refine each player’s individual skill sets, but more importantly, to build their character as team members, leaders, Crusaders and followers of Christ. This foundational stage of development is the most important level of learning for our Athletic Program, and includes:

  1. Spiritual emphasis (developing Christian character)
  2. Respect for authority (coaches, teachers, parents, etc.)
  3. Developing a consistent work ethic
  4. Preparing athletes to work together as a team (team concepts, encourage, motivate)
  5. Fundamentals Skills
  6. Learning Sport Terminology
  7. Prepare GCS athletes for High School Athletics
  8. Teaching healthy competition (learning how to be aggressive within the rules of the game and competing for a roster spot, a position, playing time)

GCS athletic teams are 2A members of the Raleigh Area Athletic Conference (RAAC) as part of the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA). Middle school athletes who have mastered these fundamentals may have an opportunity to play on select Junior Varsity teams as early as sixth grade.

GCS students experience new-found freedoms and responsibilities as they enter Middle School. Cubbies are replaced with lockers, students move from class to class on their own, and lunch is no longer pre-ordered for them! Middle school is a big transition for any student, but at Grace, our goal is to make these three years the best of a student’s career. We recognize the significance of these pivotal years as we work to build Christian character through all experiences across campus.

Our Student Clubs appease a variety of special interests, and special events keep students engaged throughout the year, to include the highly-anticipated Spirit Week. Our students love our Grace Café and Risen Grounds Coffee Bar for great food, healthy snacks and satisfying treats.

Students who need help being academically successful in the classroom will find the support they need through our Learning Support Program (LSP).

LSP is a multi-tiered level model that provides support tailored to the student’s God-given skill sets or learning styles. Students can address areas of academic need while discovering how God has wired them to problem solve, think critically and creatively, make decisions, and work collaboratively. Middle School Math and English Language Arts support programs are standards-based, absorbing the entirety of instruction so they can be driven by present level of performance while meeting grade-level standards.

Every GCS Middle School teacher, coach, counselor and principal is called to guide students to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ while teaching them skill sets that support them academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Social and emotional skills are needed in our middle level students now more than ever. Our goal is to help students develop and understand social and emotional learning gives them better opportunities in their future careers to bring glory to God and to engage in diversity work. This is accomplished through formal instruction and day to day relationships between GCS staff and students.

School Counseling & Guidance

Our goal is to improve student success by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program from the elementary through the high school years. Your student’s success is our top priority and we work to collaborate with your family, community, teachers, and administrators. Our guidance counselor advocates for students while acting as a systems-change agent when needed. Learn more about our Guidance Services.

GCS middle school students get to experience the majority of our 36-acre campus facility first hand, including our worship center, the Grace Café, Torgerson Gym, athletic fields, and outdoor gathering areas. One of our most recent expansions includes a middle school building, complete with science labs. Learn more about our facilities and campus security.

Transportation service is available to and from school for our families in the Moore and Harnett County areas. Learn more about Busing Services.

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