What is Accreditated Christian Education?

An accreditated Christian school ensures the faculty and staff are equipped to address and shape the child’s academic,spirirtual, and worldview skills. It is an education that takes serious the responsibility to develop the whole child under eight specific catagories .

Vision & Purpose

Having a clear mission and a defining purpose for the school: Our mission is that we LOVE like Jesus, LEAD people to Jesus, TEACH about Jesus, TRAIN with biblical truth about who Jesus is, and then SEND them out to be disciples of Jesus. SPIRITUAL FORMATION, SCHOLARLY EDUCATION, and SOCIETAL APPLICATION are expected in all the student outcomes.

Read all expected student outcomes.

Leadership & Operations

A third party holds our leaders accountable for the quality and standard of our facilities, staffing, academics, stewardship and the management of our fiscal resources.

Faculty and Staff

A qualified staff saved and living like it, is the goal when it comes to our staffing. The school has doubled their master’s level educators in the past two years. Teachers are receiving annual professional development and training, which is a requirement under the ACSI guidelines. Lastly, ensuring teachers salaries and benefit packages are competitive with the surrounding public and private schools.


Our mornings begin with Bible and all academics are biblically integrated. Instruction is organized and there is accountability for lesson mapping and planning. Yearly testing is completed and there are resources available for children with specific learning challenges. A growing and diverse elective options allow students the opportunity to pursue and develop their unique interests. In 2018-19 we began offering college dual enrollment which offers high school students the ability to earn college credits before graduation. Classes are taught by our staff and instructed in a way that upholds our values and beliefs. Transferable credits are earned through accredited Southeastern College in Wake Forest.

A Servant School

From the time families begin the admissions process and with every point of contact, that it is a blessed experience. Both internally and externally Grace Christian School is known for its good.

Kingdom Impact

Our students love God and are demonstrating growth and ability to reflect Jesus to the world. Above all else, that we are here to make sure that students at Grace don’t just know about Jesus but Know Jesus.

Plan for the Future

Grace Christian School is committed to continuously improving and expanding our services, facilities, and programs. Below is a vision for the future of Grace Christian School and Child Development Center. This campus expansion consists of a new elementary building, cafeteria, playground, child development center, and gymnasium with middle and high school classrooms.

An exciting vision of the future campus of Grace Christian School and Child Development Center.

Student Care

Security Systems are in place: The Lee County Sheriff’s Department patrols our campus on a daily basis. Doors are locked and access is gained using individually coded fobs. Guest check-in is mandatory and all volunteers run through a system that does a specific background check. Facilities are kept up and we have enough space to accommodate the number of students enrolled.