Choosing a Christ-centered commitment that partners with your family and their future through education is not something to take lightly. Here at Grace, our Admissions Department creates a smooth and personal process that helps our parents be as informed as possible. Explore our website; then schedule a tour to visit Grace. We are eager to get to know you as well as to share the amazing qualities of our campus, staff and academic programs. We strongly believe that we are a ministry, not a commodity and creating a connection between your child’s educational needs and our core values: love, lead, teach, train and send is what makes our school an investment into your child’s future.

GCS Admissions Steps to Enrollment for students who are U.S. Citizens:

The GCS Admissions Process begins with your family reviewing our website and then making contact with our Admissions Director, Kim Casey. She will guide your family through all the steps which include a tour of the campus, entrance testing, shadow day for most students, and then helping you complete application and required documentation. Kim can be reached at or at the school office 919-774-4415.

Contact the GCS Admissions Office
Phone: 919-774-4415
Tour GCS if you are in the Sanford Area and review our website
Complete the admissions application and pay the application fee, provide transcripts, and have two teachers complete student references
Schedule for your son or daughter to visit GCS for a full or half day (shadowing — will be paired with a current student for the time on campus)
This is for inquiries during the school year — during the summer we will schedule the on-site testing.
Entrance testing will be completed during the day your son/daughter shadows.
After the above steps are completed the Admissions Committee will review the admissions file and a decision will be made.
If accepted for enrollment, you will have 10 days to accept our admissions offer and complete the balance of required paperwork.

Online Application

Once you have toured GCS and have talked with our Admissions Director. You are now ready to complete an online application. This application will provide the information that we will need in order to make an enrollment decision for your child(ren).

GCS uses Renweb as our administrative software solution. One advantage of using Renweb for your family is once you complete the online application and are accepted for enrollment, you will also be ready to access your children’s grades, attendance, order lunch (ES grades), and receive GCS communications.

The first step to formal application is creating your Renweb account.
After you create your account, you will receive an email with a verification of your email (this may take a few minutes).

After you verify your email account, then you can complete the online GCS Application.

Click here to create a Renweb account


Grace Christian School strives to keep tuition affordable for the families of Lee County and surrounding communities. We accept Opportunity and Disability Scholarship students and we provide a limited level of tuition assistance to qualified families.

The following rate sheet provides an overview of our tuition rates, multi-child discounts, and other fees.

2019-20 Tuition and Fees