Hosting international students on the GCS campus not only enriches the student body experience but provides another opportunity to love, lead, teach, train and send with a global impact.

Bringing Students from Around the Globe to Grace

Students from other countries can attend GCS and — you guessed it — find grace. Our international student program not only affords visiting students an excellent Christian education, but also a chance to experience grace in ways they otherwise may never have.

The GCS International Student Program began with a vision in 2002 with two students and has evolved into an innovative program that brings quality and excellence to global education. Grace Christian School offers a fully-accredited education with strong college-preparatory academics in conjunction with excellence in technology, fine arts and athletics.

It is our goal that international students have the opportunity to experience the culture of our community and for our community to be given a glimpse into a unique global perspective.

International Student Admission Process

The CGS International Student program is available to students applying through a qualifying agency such as Global Horizons.

Students will need to provide:

  • Prior academic performance and behavior
  • Standardized Test Scores (TOFEL/SLEP)
  • Student Recommendation Forms
  • Skype Interview with School Administration

Students can expect upon acceptance:

  1. GCS will provide Letter of Acceptance and Enrollment Contract to be signed and returned
  2. Student must provide proof of health insurance (HCC or other approved) HCC Health Insurance
  3. GCS will mail you an official I-20 — unless you are with an agency
  4. GCS Coordinator will finalize your Homestay Application
  5. Student must fulfill payment obligations based on deadlines in your enrollment contract
  6. Agency/student must submit a US equivalency transcript for any courses taken outside of the USA. Two recommended services are Josef Silny or Worldwide Education Services.
  7. Student must pay host family fees.

The Student Body Experience

There’s truly nothing that can replicate or replace the experiences GCS students have as a direct result of our International Student Program. Hearts are opened. Perspectives are broadened. Lives are forever changed. International students enrich the classroom and the social dynamic. In all applications, we encourage our students to think beyond themselves. Fellowship with our international students lends itself to this principle in a big way.

Hosting International Students

The opportunity to host a GCS international student is available to both our GCS and Grace Chapel member families. It’s both an honor and a blessing to represent Grace as a host family and enjoy the enrichment the experience can bring to your family.

What we look for in a GCS International Host Family:

  • A warm and welcoming attitude and an eagerness to share American culture with an international student.
  • An interest in other cultures and a willingness to accept an international student as a member of the family.
  • Ability to provide a private bedroom for the student, three nutritious meals per day with groceries available for the student, wireless internet, and transportation between school and home.

What Host Families Can Expect

  • Agencies to screen students through local representatives and to match based on interests ensuring a high-quality match.
  • Orientation and on-going support for students and host families.
  • Students to be able to speak/understand English well enough for everyday communication.
  • A dedicated local coordinator to assist with monthly check-ins.

Eligible host families may contact our Admissions Team for more information and to apply.

Sending Students out into the World

One of the greatest benefits of our International Student Program is its global impact and, ultimately, its impact on God’s Kingdom. Visiting students leave the Grace campus equipped with Word of God, the knowledge of His saving grace, and having experienced the love of Jesus.