Re-Enrollment Fees

Re-Enrollment FeeCurrent Families (by Feb 12)$350 per family (Non-Refundable)
Late Re-Enrollment FeeCurrent Families (after Feb 12)$750 per family (Non-Refundable)

Withdrawal Policy

Students are considered enrolled for the entire school year; therefore, budgets and teacher contracts are set accordingly. Application and Enrollment Fees are Non-refundable. Students who withdraw any time after enrollment will be assessed a Withdrawal Fee (see table below) and are responsible for the full Base Fee. Students that withdraw on or after July 1st are also responsible for the Tuition and Capital Facility Fee for the full quarter in which they withdraw. Submission of the withdrawal form confirms the withdrawal date. Student withdrawal may be initiated by the school in the absence of a completed withdrawal form if the student is expelled, any form of withdrawal communication from the student’s parent/guardian occurs, and/or the student’s absences exceed those outlined in the student handbook attendance policy. Any annually awarded financial aid is forfeited, in its entirety, upon withdrawal.

Withdrawal TimeFees Assessed
Prior to July 1$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee
July 1 – End of Q1$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ¼ Tuition + ¼ Capital Facility Fee
During Q2$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ½ Tuition + ½ Capital Facility Fee
During Q3$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ¾ Tuition + ¾ Capital Facility Fee
During Q4$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + Full Tuition + Full Capital Facility Fee