The investment in your child’s K-12 education through private Christian education pays dividends for a lifetime.

We are honored to have the opportunity to foster that investment. It is our goal to provide the highest excellence in education and programming, in a safe and loving environment, while keeping Christian education affordable for everyone in Sanford and surrounding communities.

Funding Private Christian Education

Our leadership team is dedicated to making GCS accessible to all families. We base tuition costs on an Affordability Index Tuition Model, which uses a sliding scale to determine tuition costs for each student, based on the family’s financial status. Additionally, there are a number of grants, scholarships and other financial aid opportunities to help fund private Christian education.

Cost of Attendance

To determine your family’s cost of attendance at Grace Christian School, please complete the following:

  1. Apply for (or Renew) the NC Opportunity Scholarship during the scholarship application period for each student who will attend GCS.
  2. Calculate your Estimated Tuition. This estimate is based on information you provide and your student’s status with the NC Opportunity Scholarship. It includes Base Tuition, Base Fees & Capital Facility Fees. Your final cost will be determined by the level of funding from the NC Opportunity Scholarship.

Apply / Renew NC Opportunity Scholarship   Calculate your Estimated Tuition

New Family Application & Enrollment Fees

Application FeeNew Student (Upon Application)$200 + $150 each add’l student (Non-Refundable)
Enrollment FeeEnrolling Families (Upon Enrollment)$350 per family (Non-Refundable)

†The application fee is waived for Grace Christian CDC students enrolling in Kindergarten during Priority Enrollment.

Current Family Re-Enrollment Fees

Re-Enrollment FeeCurrent Families (by Feb 12)$350 per family (Non-Refundable)
Late Re-Enrollment FeeCurrent Families (after Feb 12)$750 per family (Non-Refundable)

Please note: Failure of current families to re-enroll during Closed Enrollment may result in loss of student seat(s) for the upcoming school year.

Payment Plans

Flexible payment plans are available to make GCS education more affordable. You will have the option to define your payment plan during the enrollment process.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

As part of our effort to keep private Christian education affordable, we offer and support a number of grant, scholarship and financial aid opportunities.

NC Opportunity Scholarship

  • The NC Opportunity Scholarship is a state-funded program offered through the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA). This income-based scholarship award ranges from $3,360 up to $7,468 per eligible student, per academic year.
  • For eligibility requirements and to apply, visit
  • For more information: 1-855-330-3955 or

ESA+ Grant (IEP)

  • This is a state-funded program offered through the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA). This grant is offered to children with qualifying disabilities (IEP), awarding funds from $9,000 to $17,000 per academic year, per eligible student.
  • In order for GCS students to be awarded an ESA+ Grant, they will go through an evaluation through Lee County to receive an IEP Eligibility Determination. This is approximately a 90-day process. Contact our Learning Support Director to get started.
  • For eligibility requirements and to apply, visit
  • For more information: 1-855-330-3955 or

Duskin and Stephens Foundation (DSF) Scholarship

Folds of Honor Scholarship

Grace Christian Pastor Scholarship

In an effort to support Pastors and Military Chaplains, GCS is honored to provide up to a 50% base tuition scholarship to full-time pastors and military chaplain families who meet the qualifications of our Pastoral Scholarship Program. A Pastoral Scholarship Form must be submitted with prior year tax returns and verified by Church/Military Leadership. Please contact Admissions for more information.

Grace Christian Financial Aid

In order to make GCS accessible for students, additional limited financial aid is available directly from GCS for families who apply and qualify, including considerations for families with multiple students enrolled.  Any student accepted for GCS enrollment may apply for GCS Financial Aid. The Priority Application deadline for returning families is March 31st. Decisions will be announced prior to May 1st.

To apply for GCS Financial Aid, you must first apply for the NC Opportunity Scholarship. Once you have submitted an Opportunity Scholarship application, you may apply for GCS Financial Aid using the button below and selecting “Create an Account.” Please note this account is separate from any other FACTS account you may have. New families must be accepted for enrollment prior to applying.

Apply for GCS Financial Aid

Contact Admissions if you need assistance in developing a financial plan for your student’s K-12 private Christian education.

Withdrawal Policy

Students are considered enrolled for the entire school year; therefore, budgets and teacher contracts are set accordingly. Application and Enrollment Fees are Non-refundable. Students who withdraw any time after enrollment will be assessed a Withdrawal Fee and are responsible for the full Base Fee. (Please see table below.) Students that withdraw on or after July 1st are also responsible for the Tuition and Capital Facility Fee for the full quarter in which they withdraw. Submission of the withdrawal form confirms the withdrawal date. Student withdrawal may be initiated by the school in the absence of a completed withdrawal form if the student is expelled, any form of withdrawal communication from the student’s parent/guardian occurs, and/or the student’s absences exceed those outlined in the student handbook attendance policy. Any annually awarded financial aid is forfeited, in its entirety, upon withdrawal.

Withdrawal TimeFees Assessed
Prior to July 1$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee
July 1 – End of Q1$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ¼ Tuition + ¼ Capital Facility Fee
During Q2$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ½ Tuition + ½ Capital Facility Fee
During Q3$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + ¾ Tuition + ¾ Capital Facility Fee
During Q4$500 Withdrawal Fee + Full Base Fee + Full Tuition + Full Capital Facility Fee