The Middle School is available to students grades 6 through 8. This foundational stage of development is the most important level of learning for our Cheer program, and includes:

  1. Spiritual emphasis (developing Christian character)
  2. Respect for authority (coaches, teachers, parents, etc.)
  3. Developing a consistent work ethic
  4. Preparing athletes to work together as a team (team concepts, encourage, motivate)
  5. Fundamentals of Cheerleading (individual skills)
  6. Learning the game of Cheerleading (terminology)
  7. Preparation for Varsity Cheer Program
  8. Teaching healthy competition (working hard to improve skills, build leadership skills, earn roles on the team)

Middle School Cheer gives us an opportunity to introduce and teach the fundamental aspects of the sport including team spirit, basic cheerleading moves and motions, beginning stunts, routines, jumps, and tumbling.

Middle School Cheer practices/or cheers at a game at least 4x a week. Wednesday is normally the off day for Middle School Cheer practice.

grace christian school cheerleaders

The privilege to wear the GCS Varsity Cheerleading uniform is reserved for our top athletes, grades 7 through 12, who have mastered the demands of the Middle School program and demonstrate a consistent display of the core Christlike characters traits of our athletic program: Diligence, Endurance, Boldness, Obedience, Faith, Humility, and Dependability.

Fundamental skills are refined with an increased intensity for excellence, competition, and complexity on our Varsity Cheer Squad. Our Varsity cheerleaders are judged on athletic ability, work ethic, attitude, and knowledge of the coach’s strategies. Varsity cheerleaders display experience in cheer, confidence and an excessive amount of school spirit. They have mastered the cheer basics and are ready to move on to more challenging opportunities. Varsity cheerleaders take on leadership roles and are good role models for our younger cheerleaders.

Varsity Cheer practices/or cheers at games at least 5x a week with possible Saturday practices and games.

Cheerleading Coaches

Cheerleading Tryouts

The GCS Cheerleading Program runs during our Winter competition season in correlation with our Basketball season. Tryouts and practices beginning in late October. If you’d like more information about the GCS Cheerleading Program, or to register for tryouts, please contact our Athletic Director.

Athletic Director

Ricky Young

Cheerleading Camps

GCS hosts Elementary Cheer Summer Camp and offers an after school Cheer Enrichment Camp for grades K – 5.

GCS cheer camp focuses on the basics of cheer, daily devotions, and the importance of teamwork.

Coming soon will be a Middle School & JV Cheer Camp, which will teach more advanced routines, builds and cheers.

Annual Awards

Players from each team are selected for the following annual awards:

  • Team Spirit Award
  • Coach’s Award
  • Most Improved Award