The Middle School Golf teams are available to students grades 6 through 8. This foundational stage of development is the most important level of learning for our Golf program, and includes:

  1. Spiritual emphasis (developing Christian character)
  2. Respect for authority (coaches, teachers, parents, etc.)
  3. Developing a consistent work ethic
  4. Preparing athletes to work together as a team (team concepts, encourage, motivate)
  5. Fundamentals of Golf (individual skills)
  6. Learning the game of Golf (terminology)
  7. Prepare GCS athletes for Junior Varsity and Varsity Golf programs
  8. Teaching healthy competition (how to be competitive while maintaining proper golf etiquette)

Middle School Golf gives us an opportunity to introduce and teach the fundamental aspects of the sport including but not limited to: driving, chipping, and putting.

Middle School Golf teams practice/or play at least 4x a week. Wednesday is normally the off day for Middle School Golf practice.

The privilege to wear the GCS Varsity Basketball uniform is reserved for our top athletes, grades 7 through 12, who have mastered the fundamentals of golf, and demonstrate a consistent display of the core Christlike characters traits of our athletic program: Diligence, Endurance, Boldness, Obedience, Faith, Humility, and Dependability.

Varsity Golf players must be prepared to compete for their role on the team and work to keep it. Seniority of a player is not a factor. Our Varsity Golf players are judged on athletic ability, work ethic, attitude, and knowledge of the coach’s strategies.

Competing to win is strongly emphasized, without sacrificing the display and the development of Christ-like character. GCS Varsity Golf athletes are expected to act accordingly to their roles on the team, and contribute unselfishly in accordance with their abilities. Playing time will be determined solely by the coach/coaches. Coaches will not discuss playing time or strategy.

Varsity Golf teams practice/or play at least 5x a week with possible Saturday practices and games.

Golf Coaches

Golf Tryouts

The GCS Womens Golf Program runs during our Fall competition season, with tryouts and practices beginning in the summer. The GCS Mens Golf Program runs during our Spring competition season, with tryouts and practices beginning in February. If you’d like more information about the GCS Golf Program, or to register for tryouts, please contact our Athletic Director.

Athletic Director

Ricky Young


The Golf Club at Quail Ridge

Practices and home matches are hosted by The Golf Club at Quail Ridge. We are so thankful for the generosity of Quail Ridge to allow our GCS Athletics to use their facilities.

the golf club at quail ridge

Annual Awards

Athletes from each team are selected for the following annual awards:

  • Most Valuable Player
  • Most Improved Player
  • Coach’s Award

Alumni Accomplishments

We are extremely proud our our GCS Alumni who have gone on to play college basketball:

Sydney Revells, ℅ 2022: Sandhills Community College