Healthy — Balanced — Variety

Our culinary staff provides more than 1700 meals and snacks each school day to our students. In order for our students to thrive, we know they need a healthy, balanced diet. We take great pride in the role we play to help provide that nutrition for your student, even if only for one or two meals a day, five days a week.

Grace Cafe

The Grace Café menu is much more diverse than what most other facilities provide. We offer a full breakfast every morning from eggs, bacon and pancakes to fresh fruit, yogurt, juice and cereal. Lunch offers even greater variety from entrees like homemade lasagna, steak and gravy and salad bar to hamburgers, nachos and tacos. Weekly our menu features items from local favorites like Papa John’s pizza and Chick-fil-A. Entrees include a side and beverage, and our al-la-carte and snack menus allow even the pickiest of palettes to find satisfying and healthy options. Beverage options include water, juice, milk and sports drinks.


We serve a full menu breakfast every morning from 7:15-8:00a.m. Students can be dropped off at the Fellowship Hall if they will be eating breakfast. Breakfast items do not need to be pre-ordered, but can be for elementary students. Otherwise, any student may order breakfast items directly at the café. All items are charged directly to the student’s FACTS account. Please speak to your student about making responsible purchases.


The daily lunch menu is available on a monthly calendar in the Family Portal by the 20th of each month. Daily specials may be offered for Middle and High School students. A la carte lunch options are also available.


All snack items are available to Middle and High School students during lunch.

In addition to lunch, Kindergarten and Elementary students have a daily in-class snack time.  Snacks for Elementary students can be provided for $2.00/day. A Grace Café snack is built into the Kindergarten and First Grade tuition.

Kindergarten and Elementary student snacks must be pre-ordered via Family Portal by 11pm the prior day. There are three healthy Snack Options to choose from daily, each with two items and the choice of small bottled water or juice box. The Snack Options will change every three months. If a snack is not preordered for a Kindergarten student, the Café will select one of the options for the student.

Kindergarten and Elementary students may not purchase snacks items or ice cream at school. These items must be ordered via the Family Portal. Soda and coffee will not be served to any elementary student in the Grace Café, however you may order them hot chocolate.

Ice Cream Day

The option to preorder ice cream for your student is available on the following days:

  • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade: Tuesdays
  • 3rd – 5th Grade: Thursdays
  • Middle & High School: any day


The main entrée can be substituted on the Regular Lunch Plate at no additional charge. You cannot make substitutes on Brown Bag Lunches.

How to Order & Pay

FACTS Payments

We do not accept cash — all purchases are charged to the students FACTS account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your FACTS account our finance office is available to answer them for you.

Our staff encourages you to have talks with your student about your expectations with breakfast choices and spending. Unfortunately, the system does not allow us to set limits and it is very difficult to monitor this for every student on our end.

If you fall delinquent on your account, a block will be placed and your student will not be allowed to purchase food. Please make arrangements to make sure your child does not go without, in this situation.

If your K5 or elementary student forgets a lunch at home, a lunch will be provided for them and charged to the student’s FACTS account.

K5 & Elementary Pre-Orders

Kindergarten and Elementary student lunches must be preordered. Breakfast may be preordered for Kindergarten and Elementary students, but is not required to be — any student may order breakfast directly at the Café.

You can order your Elementary students lunch on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through the Family Portal. We do ask that you have the order submitted by 11pm the night before to ensure your order reflects on our daily reports. If you forgot to order your child a lunch, you can place a call before 9am to the school office or the cafeteria. If there is not an order for your child and they did not bring a lunch, your child will be given a Regular Lunch Plate and your FACTS account will be charged. You are not charged for anything ordered through the Family Portal until after the food has been served, therefore, if your student is absent that day or did not receive an item for any reason, they will not be charged.

Log into Parent Portal to Order

Middle & High School

Middle and High School students order lunch items at the Café during lunch — pre-order is not available for upper school students.

Facilities & Staff

The Grace Café includes a 4000 square foot dining facility featuring a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen and banquet hall. With a capacity to seat 300, the café hosts a variety of events to include the daily breakfast and lunch meals for our GCS students. During the Covid-19 pandemic, this spacious facility and staggered lunch schedules have allowed our students to enjoy their meals with ample social distancing.

Protocols & Sanitation

Amid the global pandemic with Covid-19, we have taken extra measures to ensure the sanitation of all areas in our cafeteria and kitchen. We have implemented hand sanitizer machines and shoe sanitizing rugs at every Café entrance.

Our administration and Café staff have been working hand-in-hand with the Health Department to meet and even exceed all requirements in order to keep our students, faculty and staff as safe as possible. We are operating at 50 percent capacity in the Café, with seats taped off so every student has an empty seat to either side and across from them. There is a 15-minute window between each lunch period for cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces and the floor.

We have teamed with Ecolab for all the latest cleaning and sanitizing equipment possible. Learn more about our Health & Wellness practices.

Culinary Staff

Chef Arnold has  been in the food service industry for 35 years, beginning as a Food Service Specialist in the US Army where he completed two tours in Iraq and one in Somalia. Following his military service, Arnold was Soux Chef at Tom Smith Catering in Charleston, SC, a truly rewarding and remarkable experience for him.

Before coming to Grace, Arnold became the Executive Chef of Marlin Events, the largest caterer in the triangle area, exclusively catering the corporate and private jets servicing RDU, operating a full-time kitchen on the Amtrak train “The Carolinian,” and catering numerous stars backstage at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater. Chef Arnold attributes much of his success to his family who, whenever he needed, were there to help him as servers, doing production or taking orders.

Arnold came to Grace in 2006 for an opportunity to have his family closer on a day-to-day basis. He loves to provide the highest quality food and service to the CDC, the school, and his church family with the pleasure of working alongside his family to include both daughters, Amanda, his steady source of brute and brains, and Gabby who grew up and was educated on the floors of Grace, kitchen and classrooms. Arnold’s youngest son Jacob, sister Mary, mother-in-law Janet and adopted sister-in-Christ Annabel all play invaluable roles on the Grace Café staff. It is an honor to each of them to serve the Grace community.