Kindergarten through Elementary students learn how to apply music concepts while fostering a love for song and worship.

A Classical Experience with a Biblical Approach

with grace elementary choir

The GCS Elementary Choir program is intentionally directed to each child’s spiritual growth. We believe music and song are a form of worship. Introducing students to this concept at a young age, and reinforcing throughout their school career, is vital to their spiritual walk with God. We emphasize that music is a form of worship that can be shown from the inside out.

The elementary choir is offered as after school camp each semester. Students learn proper performance etiquette, stage performance and how to worship through song.

Elementary Chapel

Students get a chance to put the skills they’ve acquired in Choir into practice periodically during the semester in the Elementary Chapel service. Designed just for them, Elementary Chapel is where students worship through song and the Word of God.

Our choir program fosters a love for singing and worship that is evident with each rehearsal and chapel service. Students sing songs that are well known and newer songs from artists that are familiar and interesting. We foster a love for music as students discover it as a form of worship and a way to show their love for God.

Choir Performances

Performing Arts Productions

The Elementary Choir performs in one or both of our semi-annual performing arts productions. Students may have opportunities for special performing roles which serve as a great introduction to our Performing Arts program available to our middle and high school students.

Nursing Home Performances

Periodically throughout each semester, the Elementary Choir will take a field trip to perform at our local nursing homes.