Students interested in playing a musical instrument will find opportunities to learn and build experience at GCS.

Private Instrument Lessons

Weekly Lessons

Students as young as Pre-K (age 4) can enroll in private instruments lessons at GCS. Methods are tailored to the student’s age, as well as current knowledge and understanding of the instrument. If you are undecided, we recommend starting with piano as it provides the ideal foundation of experience for reading music and playing other instruments.

Private instrument lessons are offered weekly during the school year, on an annual contract and first-come-first-serve basis. Lessons can be scheduled during, before or after school, and are 30 minutes long. GCS hosts a music recital each May where students enrolled in instrument lessons may perform one or more selections of their choice. Current offerings are:

  • Vocal (K-12th)
  • Piano (K4-12th)
  • Drums (K-12th)
  • Guitar (3rd-12th)
  • Bass (3rd-12th)

Summer Piano Lessons

Grace also offers summer session private piano lessons for ages 4 and up. Packages include four weeks in June, four weeks in July, or eight weeks June through July. Structured similar to the school year, lessons are 30 minutes long. (Note, there are no lessons during the week of 4th of July.)

Instrument Lesson Contracts can be returned to the school office or emailed to our Performing Arts Department.


Praise & Worship

Middle and High School students have the opportunity to employ their instrumental talents on the GCS Praise & Worship Team. Students not only get to further develop their skills, but lead their peers in worship during chapel.