A cornerstone of fine art education, music also provides students many opportunities to learn God’s word and take part in praise and worship through song.

Music Curriculum

A music curriculum is incorporated into each grade from Kindergarten through Elementary school, with elective options offered in Middle and High School.

The objective of music class at the elementary school level is to introduce and build a foundational knowledge of music concepts. Once a student has completed elementary school, they are able to read music and have a basic understanding of the history of music, orchestra, and various composers.

Students experience a wide variety of music styles and are encouraged to pursue any specific interests such as singing in Choir or a Performing Arts production, or taking up an instrument.

Our music program is an important component of the well-rounded GCS experience, offering students an option for creative effort. Studies show students exposed to the fine arts with a proficiency in vocals or instrumentals have an increased IQ levels, lower anxiety, better study habits and a certain well-roundedness that is beneficial for life.

Once students have graduated to Middle and High School, they have opportunities to develop their individual music talents on our Student Worship Teams.

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Fine Arts Competitions

ACSI Competitions are available in Piano, Choral, Solo and Instrumental. Each student is required to memorize one or two pieces of music and play in front of one judge. This is a closed competition and students must audition in order to participate.


Private Music Lessons

A limited number of private music lessons are offered during the school year, as well as over the summer. Lessons include vocal and a variety of instruments.

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