Grace students have opportunities to develop skills, express creativity and honor the Lord through visual arts from Kindergarten through High School.

Kindergarten Arts

The arts play a huge role in our Kindergarten curriculum, with opportunities to develop skills, express themselves, learn God’s Word, and ultimately praise and honor the Lord creatively. Learn more about our Kindergarten Program.

Elementary Art Program

The goal of the elementary art program is to challenge students to use their creativity and imagination to develop their own style of art, while learning about how God created each of us in his image. We are his masterpiece, and although each of us are different, we are all created beautifully and carefully, with a specific plan.

Visual Art is part of our Specials Program for Elementary Students. Each elementary class attends art for three classes every 5 weeks. With each three-class segment, a new artist is introduced, and a new art technique or medium is used. Throughout the various projects, elementary students learn proper techniques when using watercolor, acrylic, oil and chalk pastels, paper, and pencil.

All elementary students have art on display at our Winter and Spring Art Showcases, held in conjunction with our Winter & Spring Performances.

Review the Elementary Art Curriculum

Middle & High School Visual Art Electives

Visual Arts are offered as electives for middle and high school students as an opportunity to explore and mature in specialized mediums. As various artists and mediums are studied, students develop their personal style and find where they are most gifted. Students learn to take an idea and create their own masterpiece, just as God created each of us uniquely the way He wanted.

Through our Middle School art electives, students not only gain a deeper knowledge of the medium, but also learn how to utilize many different techniques. These courses introduce and build upon their subject throughout the semester.

The High School art electives offer a variety of mediums and art techniques, and encourage students to find a part of art that they love.

Explore the Visual Art Elective Courses

Art Showcase

Look for a display of the artwork our students create during each semester of school. Every student in our elementary school displays a piece of artwork for students, staff and family members to peruse. Our upper level artists also have an opportunity to display their work. The showcases are available for the week of our Winter and Spring performing art productions.