Sanford, North Carolina

In a world where competition often seems to overshadow core values, one coach is stepping forward with a refreshing and inspiring approach to coaching. With a philosophy rooted in the principles of integrity, teamwork, and personal development, Coach Dal Langston is set to revolutionize the way young volleyball athletes view and engage in sports at Grace Christian School as the new Director of Volleyball Operations.

Coach Langston will oversee and direct the vision, development and operations for the Girls Volleyball program for the entirety of the school.

Head of School, Stuart Shumway shared, “The pursuit of excellence is our standard at Grace Christian School.  As the student body continues to grow; our focus and resources dedicated to areas of interest for our students must match this commitment. Coach Langston has the experience and is the kind of person we are confident will take our students and our volleyball program to the next level.  He is driven to lead young people while, at the same time, preparing each of them to reach their individual goals through a team first approach.”

Shumway continued, “We are very excited about Coach Langston joining our team.  We believe his ability to assess, invest and develop our student athletes will be a great experience for our families.”

Coach Dal Langston is excited to be at Grace.  He had this to say. “I believe in competing without sacrificing class, values, or integrity.  At the same time, I aim to foster a team-first atmosphere, where maximum effort is the norm. It’s not just about being good athletes, but about being good people too.  Fun, Fast and Fearless will be the norm in Crusader Country.”

Drawing inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Matthew 5:41, Langston emphasizes the importance of going above and beyond what is required to achieve greatness. “Everytime I make a decision or say something to a player, I think, ‘How would I treat my own kid?’ You know what I do best? I am a great Dad. And in a way, that’s the way I coach.”

Central to Dal Langston’s coaching philosophy is the concept of “sisu,” a Finnish word that encapsulates the combination of bravado, bravery, ferocity, and tenacity. “Sisu is the ability to keep fighting after most people would have quit, and to fight with the will to win,” explains Langston.  In life, as in sports, you’re going to have times where you want to quit.  Our players will learn, We Don’t Quit!”

Quoting Russ Rose, Langston underscores the significance of every moment in the pursuit of excellence. “You have a very small window of time in which you try to be good while you’re here. Everything matters and every day matters. But it’s not life and death. There are always more important things, but you must be focused on what you’re doing on the day that you’re doing it.”

As Coach Langston prepares to embark on this new journey at Grace Christian School, it is evident that this approach will not only transform the way athletes perform on the court but also enrich their lives beyond the game.