13 Weeks to Make a Splash

The Summer Learning Challenge has been created to help foster your student’s love of learning, to create opportunities for growth and discovery, and to help your student stay sharp through the summer. There are two distinct areas to the challenge:


Research shows that students who read regularly perform better in school. Check out the summer goals for your student by downloading the Summer Challenge Card, and reference the GCS Recommended Reading Lists:

Download the Summer Challenge Card


There are so many fun ways to learn during summer months, many you may already have on your list of things to do. Here’s a list of ideas that you can do as a family:

  • Tours of museums and historical sites, Learn a new skill (swimming, sewing, sport, etc.)
  • Games (educational, board, puzzles, outdoor…), Keep a summer journal, Building project
  • Outdoor Adventures (nature treasure hunt, hiking, start an insect collection),
  • Vacation Bible School or other faith-based opportunities, Create a photo album or scrapbook

Track your student’s summer learning, including books read and learning activities and return the completed Summer Learning Challenge Card to your student’s teacher by Friday, August 18, 2023. Have fun reaching your goal of a Toe Dipper, Swimmer or even a Surfer while making your summer splash!

To make things more fun here are some incentives from local businesses.

Toe Dippers will receive a McDonald’s coupon for 1 Free Ice Cream Cone

Swimmers will receive the Toe Dippers incentive + 1 Free Golden Corral Kids Meal

Surfers will receive the Toe Dippers and Swimmers incentives + have their name added to a drawing for a new bicycle