Chad Revelle

Student Pastor

At GCS Since: 2021

Quick Bio:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education from North Carolina State University
  • ACSI administrator and 3D coaching certifications
  • Attends Grace Chapel Church

Why are you in Christian education?

I am in Christian education because with the every increasing 'shout' of a ME centered culture that promotes a divisive, yet relative truth narrative, we desperately need voices that stand firm on God's Word while engaging students with a biblical worldview that do not cower away from debate, science or conversations in philosophy, sociology and the arts. God created our minds, the nature and science we see around us and the creativity that makes humans unique - in HIS image and likeness! We as Christians should be the brightest thinkers, most creative and purveyors of knowledge. But a knowledge that grows in concert with love and discernment. I love my dad's quip from my teenage years, "be open minded, but not so open minded that your brain falls out". As Christ followers we need to be setting the culture not having the enemy who wants to "kill, steal and destroy" us set the culture of influence and persuasion.

What sets GCS apart?

GCS sets itself apart with the people that make up the Grace staff, admin and the families that attend. I have been a part of many teams, athletic and professional. Grace Christian is one of the best I have been a part of. The people I work with are some of the most caring and tirelessly giving individuals I have met. The students at Grace are engaging, caring, smart, fun, & inquisitive. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with GCS parents and look forward to many years of friendships and seeing how God impacts our communities through this family and team of people!

Why are you thankful to be at GCS?

I am thankful to be involved with a community of people who seek the hearts of the students first and not just grades and performance metrics. A team of peers that genuinely care for and serve one another. I am thankful that God has led me to a team and family where I am allowed to and even applauded to utilize my gifts, talents and abilities to a high functioning degree and if there are dips, valleys or any pitfalls there is patience to stick together and know we are on a marathon run and not just sprinting from place to place.