Emily Brucker

Middle School Math & Science Teacher

At GCS Since: 2020In Education Since: 2019

Quick Bio:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Inclusive Elementary Education from the University of Colorado
  • ACSI and CLDE teaching certifications
  • Attends Grace Chapel Church in Sanford

Why are you in Christian education?

I teach because I want to help students learn everything about the world around them.

What sets GCS apart?

GCS is set apart because even though it’s growing it still has a family feel.

Why are you thankful to be at GCS?

I’m thankful to teach at Grace because I can talk about and teach the students how much God loves them.

Statement of Faith

I believe what the Bible says it’s true. I was raised in a Christian home and have lived my life in accordance to Godly principles. I am raising my own children to believe what the Bible says is true and that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ.