Nina Jones

2nd Grade Teacher

At GCS Since: 2020In Education Since: 1989

Quick Bio:

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Elon College
  • Master of Education in Reading from UNC Greensboro
  • ACSI and NC teaching certifications
  • Attends Bennett Baptist Church in Bennett

Why are you in Christian education?

I have always worked hard to not only provide a solid foundation in reading and math but to make the classroom a safe environment where they are loved. When this happens, learning is easier for the kids and they want to do their best.

Being a teacher at Grace has added another level to my philosophy. I have a very strong desire to incorporate God's love into all parts of the day. I strive to provide a very academic classroom saturated with not only best instructional practices the knowledge of God's presence.

Now, my goal is to not only plant seeds academically but spiritually so they will know Christ as their personal Savior. I want to help the kids go to Heaven one day.

What sets GCS apart?

The number one mission is to teach the children how much God loves them and to prepare them to be adults sharing God's love. Everyone truly is kind and has the same goal. They model what Christians should be like in the workforce.

Why are you thankful to be at GCS?

It is very freeing for me to be able to openly talk about God ALL day long. I love how all the academic lessons are built upon biblical principals and truths. One of the biggest "AH HA" moments to me was how easy it was to incorporate secular lessons with biblical concepts. EX. When studying maps/globes, we can incorporate how God loves all the people of the world. Personally, I have grown as a Christian because I am more cognitive and attuned to sharing God's message at all times. Whether on the playground, math, lining up in line, reading, I am constantly "on alert" on how I can spread the news to my 2nd graders. It is humbling to be able to do this openly in a school environment .