Students and teachers engage with a variety of technologies in the classroom to enhance the overall learning experience.

Teaching Tech

Technology-rich classrooms provide the flexibility and support for a variety of teaching techniques and even greater flexibility to align with our students’ broad spectrum of learning styles. All classrooms are equipped with wifi, projectors, and laptops for each student. Several classrooms also have interactive whiteboard devices. Teachers utilize Google Classroom in addition to face-to-face instruction to deliver differentiated instruction.

Expanded Curriculum

Teachers and students access online resources expanding the breadth and depth of our curriculum content and learning tools. Beyond the classroom, an extensive list of educational applications and online code development tools is provided to supplement students’ knowledge, skills, and abilities across various subject areas. Online eTextbooks are an essential component of the upper school curriculum. VitalSource Bookshelf and Purposeful Design Publications, a division of The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), are just two eText solutions currently implemented throughout GCS. Teachers utilize numerous educational applications enabling them to flex and adapt to each student’s various learning styles.

One-to-One Student Device Ratio

Upper elementary, middle and high school students are provided Chromebooks for use in the classroom and off campus. Kindergarten through first grade students use Touchscreen Chromebooks to engage applications that bolster reading, spelling, and math skills. Optional technology insurance is also available for peace of mind to cover incidents not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Privacy, Security & Communication

Each student is issued a school laptop which has gone through rigorous security configurations by our IT department to ensure your student has a safe experience using it. (Our younger elementary students are issued Touchscreen Chromebooks.) Each student is assigned a GCS google account and email, through which they access their Google Classroom where teachers organize all lessons and assignments. The majority of digital communications between students and teachers occurs in the Google Classroom. Students will also receive a message in their GCS email each time their teacher posts on the Stream, creates a new assignment, or sends them a direct written communication in Google Classroom. Additionally, teachers have the flexibility to communicate directly with parents and students via email.