GCS students get real-world experience in the production of our school yearbook and student newsletter.

Yearbook Staff

The GCS Yearbook Staff is open to our high school students and offered during both semesters for an elective credit. Students learn skills of journalism, reporting, graphic design, desktop publishing and photography, and apply them to a meaningful project — the annual GCS yearbook.

By working on the Yearbook Staff, students gain an understanding of unique skills sought by many employers, including collaboration, oral and written communication, technology skills, professionalism and work ethic. Students have an opportunity to explore skills that could open doors in career fields in social media, graphic design, marketing, journalism, and so much more!

The yearbook staff uses their school-issued laptops and the Walsworth Online Design desktop publishing program to create fun designs and effects, including cut-outs, clipping paths, ghosted photos, torn photos, text on a path and more. Students practice creating, editing and publishing spreads to create the yearbook. Those with an interest in photography use the staff Cannon camera to photograph all the campus happenings.

Student Newsletter

“The Crusader” is our newsletter for students produced weekly by students in the GCS Journalism Course. The course is offered during both semesters as an elective credit. The student newsletter provides a platform for students to write and report about what matters to them most.

Fostering skills of journalism, reporting, graphic design, web publishing and photography, the newsletter gives students real-life experience in the world of communications. The newsletter staff publishes the newsletter in an online format for digital distribution.

“The Crusader” is published weekly and features announcements, upcoming events, sports results, service projects, student initiatives, and student surveys. The newsletter also includes a verse, video, student and staff of the week.

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